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Worzel Gummidge, 2nd edn 1946 (3rd printing) (Barbara Euphan Todd)

(Code: 150-C-1)
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Worzel Gummidge, 2nd edn 1946 (3rd printing) (Barbara Euphan Todd)Following WWII Barbara Todd transferred to a new publisher, Hollis & Carter, who produced new editions of the early books. The second edition of this title appeared in 1943, and here is its third printing from 1946.

The book contains an error in its publication and printing details, causing it to appear to be the first printing of a new edition; in fact the 1943 printing was its first printing, not the last of the 1st edition as stated, and it was reprinted in 1944.

The front panel illustration reproduces the book's frontispiece, but imparts a distinct red cast to it. A Novo variant of this ReproJacket is therefore available which substitutes the original frontispiece with its more natural colouring.

Jacket illustration by Mary Stella Edwards.

ReproJacket #150-C-1, size 189.9x427mm.