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The Whispering Land, 1st edn 1961 (Gerald Durrell)

(Code: 49-A-1)
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The Whispering Land, 1st edn 1961 (Gerald Durrell)This ReproJacket is for the 1st edition, published in 1961 by Rupert Hart-Davis Ltd. "No one but Gerald Durrell could wake up under a Land Rover in a cold Patagonian dawn and watch a family of foxes performing a Chinese ballet with a roll of lavatory paper, and no one else could describe their grace and absurdity so vividly." The jacket artwork is by Ralph Thompson, who did many of the early Durrell jackets and internal illustrations.

Jacket illustration by Ralph Thompson.

ReproJacket #49-A-1, size 222.4x491mm.