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The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, 1st edn 1996 (9th printing) (Alan Garner)

(Code: 31-I-1)
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The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, 1st edn 1996 (9th printing) (Alan Garner)The 1996 impression from Harper Collins has a much more vibrant version of Adamson's well-known artwork for this title. A pixel-by-pixel comparison of the earlier versions against this one shows that the brushwork is identical -- it's only the colour rendition which has changed. Most likely this is caused by an improvement in the reprographic technology available, aided by this edition being printed on brilliant white gloss paper.

Note that this impression has gained several millimetres in height over the 1977 impression; the original artwork did not support this extra height, and the bleed areas have been utilised. These are areas which have been added to the original artwork so that it expands over the trimmed edges, and it's common to add a mirrored border to achieve this. You can see the effect here at the foot of the spine, where part of the original publisher's name appears again inverted at the very bottom!

Jacket design by George Adamson.

ReproJacket #31-I-1, size 221.4x488mm.