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The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, 1st edn 1960 (Alan Garner)

(Code: 31-A-1)
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The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, 1st edn 1960 (Alan Garner)This is the first issue dustjacket for the first edition of Garner's first book (firsty work, then!) with a marvellous illustration by George Adamson of one of the book's leading characters, the dwarf Fenodyree.

The publisher, Collins and later Harper Collins, varied the size of this book slightly for the different printings of this first edition. The width of the boards was first reduced, bringing the title perilously close to the edge, and later the height was increased; board height equals jacket height, of course, so the jacket dimension was increased accordingly. Before ordering one of the ReproJackets, please measure the height of your book and choose a jacket which matches it. The height of this 1960 ReproJacket is 8.4" (214mm).

Jacket design by George Adamson.

ReproJacket #31-A-1, size 214.3x500mm.