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The Valley of Adventure, 1st edn 1947 (Enid Blyton)

(Code: 51-A-1)
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The Valley of Adventure, 1st edn 1947 (Enid Blyton)For her third title in the Adventure Series, The Valley of Adventure published in 1947, Enid Blyton allows her characters to venture abroad, to a secret valley where treasure is to be found!

This wraparound Tresilian jacket is unique in this series for having a separate spine image; most examples of this jacket look rather washed-out, but the ReproJacket succeeds in bringing out the intended colouring.

A small error on the front flap -- in the heading text there's a stop between Enid and Blyton which was removed from later printings.

Jacket illustration by Stuart Tresilian.

ReproJacket #51-A-1, size 202.3x507mm.