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The Island of Adventure, 1st edn 1994 (13th printing) (Enid Blyton)

(Code: 74-M-1)
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The Island of Adventure, 1st edn 1994 (13th printing) (Enid Blyton)The final printing of the original 1944 edition came in the form of a 50th anniversary facsimile edition, nearly a quarter of a century after the previous printing in 1970. And it was actually a good effort by Pan Macmillan as it had by now become. The front flap text is unaltered from the rather politically incorrect 1944 content, mentioning 'a queer black man' in a pejorative context. But they were forced to disfigure the Tresilian artwork with a large ISBN cutout on the back panel. This edition was printed on a particularly heavy paper which widened the spine; presumably because of this they decided to widen the wrap-around Tresilian artwork a little, which caused it to become taller also, and because the book height was itself unaltered they had to trim more of the artwork to the top and bottom. The author's name on the front panel reverts to an early version (like the 1956 one) but not to the very first printings, where it was actually painted onto the illustration itself.

Jacket illustration by Stuart Tresilian.

ReproJacket #74-M-1, size 202.7x466mm.