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The Inimitable Jeeves, 1st edn 1923 (P G Wodehouse)

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The Inimitable Jeeves, 1st edn 1923 (P G Wodehouse)This title, first published in 1923, was the third book of short stories in which the characters Bertie Wooster and his man Jeeves appeared.

You may wonder why a 1st issue Jeeves book from the 1920s is priced at only 3/6d rather than 7/6d. We checked with Dick Neal Fine Books in Australia, who told us that it was Herbert Jenkins' practice at the time to price newly-issued novels at 7/6d but short story collections at 3/6d.

The artwork on the back panel is signed 'Gala'.

ReproJacket #139-A-1, size 190.5x407mm.