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The Hobbit, 3rd edition 1967 (Stated 3rd printing) (J R R Tolkien)

(Code: 201-B-1)
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The Hobbit, 3rd edition 1967 (Stated 3rd printing) (J R R Tolkien)The publishers correctly recorded this as the seventeenth impression, including those of the previous two editions. However, they omitted the final impression of the 2nd edition in 1965 and added a non-existent impression of the new edition in 1966. Consequently this 1967 impression is the second of the new edition and we have serialized it as such. The following impression in 1968 corrected most of the earlier errors and abandoned the overall impression numbering wheeze, but the impression numbering within the 3rd edition was still overestimated by one because they failed to correct the errors introduced at the start of the new edition! It seems that those were never corrected in any subsequent issues either.

Jacket illustration by the author.

ReproJacket #201-B-1, size 190.5x513mm.