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The Hobbit, 2nd edition 1965 (Stated 15th printing) (J R R Tolkien)

(Code: 190-K-1)
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The Hobbit, 2nd edition 1965 (Stated 15th printing) (J R R Tolkien)Tolkien's iconic book for children of all ages, first published by George Allen & Unwin, London, in 1937.

The publishers, George Allen & Unwin, adopted an unusual approach to impression numbering for this title, running it continuously through successive editions. This is described as the 2nd edition, fifteenth impression; but it's really the eleventh impression of the second edition as there were four within the first.

The original jacket was about 1.5mm too short for its book, causing the top and bottom rows of runes to be partially trimmed away. This ReproJacket has been specially restored to full book height.

Jacket illustration by the author.

ReproJacket #190-K-1, size 190.5x522mm.