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Swallowdale, 2nd edn 1939 (2nd printing) (Arthur Ransome)

(Code: 71-B-1)
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Swallowdale, 2nd edn 1939 (2nd printing) (Arthur Ransome)The follow-up to Swallows and Amazons was published in 1931 with illustrations by Clifford Webb. In 1938 a new edition was printed with new illustrations by the author. This ReproJacket is from the 1939 second printing of that edition.

Note that this ReproJacket is the first to be offered also in a Novo version. The Novo versions offer a better-than-the-original state of the jacket, by correcting problems and errors in the original jackets. In the case of the Swallows and Amazons series the illustrations which are contained within the jacket design are all reduced from the drawings within the book; the mechanical reduction process has degraded them, and on each printing the plates have become more worn. The Novo ReproJackets replace these drawings with the originals from early impressions of the books, allowing them to appear as the artist would surely have intended.

ReproJacket #71-B-1, size 205.9x496mm.