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BBC Children's Hour Annual 1935 (Derek McCulloch ed.)

(Code: 149-A-1)
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BBC Children's Hour Annual 1935 (Derek McCulloch ed.)The BBC Children's Hour wireless service was started in 1922 and soon became an institution. For most of its long life it was run by Derek McCulloch, whose wireless name was Uncle Mac. In 1935 he produced the first BBC Children's Hour Annual.

It's rather a strange jacket design, almost as if two alternative jacket fronts were produced, and they used them on front and back without any change! The phrase "Uncle Mac of the BBC" appears prominently no fewer than four times. On the back panel the final dot after 'BBC' has been omitted.

Another point of interest is that the price appears both on the spine (at this period this had become out of fashion) and on the front flap. The next year's annual (see below) no longer prices the jacket spine.

ReproJacket #149-A-1, size 262.5x631mm.