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Jennings Follows a Clue, 1st edn 1958 (reprint) (Anthony Buckeridge)

(Code: 117-1958-1)
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Jennings Follows a Clue, 1st edn 1958 (reprint) (Anthony Buckeridge)The second Jennings book, first published in 1951.

The back flap content, below the author's photograph, was probably drafted by Buckeridge, and writes the possessive form of the main character's name as Jennings's, the second 's' being perhaps unnecessary, so this is surprising from a former schoolmaster. The front flap omits the extraneous 's' from the possessive form, but then writes the plural form of 'reviewers' with an apostrophe!

Jacket illustration by Salomon van Abbé.

ReproJacket #117-1958-1, size 185.6x459mm.