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The Last Battle, 1st edn 1968 (6th printing) (C S Lewis - Narnia)

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The Last Battle, 1st edn 1968 (6th printing) (C S Lewis - Narnia)The final impression of the first edition was in 1968, and the orange jacket with brutal fonts reverted to blue with a more sensitive typeface. It was also issued in mauve, though!

For the typeface geeks: this is Albertus, designed by Berthold Wolpe in the 1930s. Stanley Morison commissioned the face for Monotype in England and named it after Albert the Great, medieval scientist and philosopher. Wolpe based the type on the lettering he did on bronze tablets. Such inscriptions were made by cutting back the ground around the letters and shaping them from the outside of their forms, rather than the inside, as incised letters in stone are done. Wolpe said his technique made for bold simplicity and reduced the serifs to a bare minimum. This sharp chisel stroke at the terminations of the main strokes was said to make the alphabet stand midway between classical letters and the modern sans serif. If it looks vaguely familiar, it may be because a modified version was used for the original TV series The Prisoner starring Patrick McGoohan.

After this printing, Bodley Head issued a new edition to coincide and be uniform with the earlier Bles titles issued in a new edition by Collins.

Jacket illustrations by Pauline Baynes.

ReproJacket #24-F-1, size 201.9x491mm.