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My Family and Other Animals, 1st edn 1956 (1st print) (Gerald Durrell)

(Code: 2-A-1)
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My Family and Other Animals, 1st edn 1956 (1st print) (Gerald Durrell)My Family and Other Animals was an early book by Durrell, following up on his descriptions of animal-collecting trips with an attractive description of his childhood in Corfu. The book was adopted at an early stage of publication by The Book Society, which popularized it immensely.

This ReproJacket is for the very first printing, before the Book Society involvement. In this form it may never have reached the public bookshelves, as it is usually seen only with a sticker at the foot of the front flap which reduces the price to 16 shillings. A later printing shortly thereafter incorporated the sticker content into the jacket itself, as well as making other subtle changes.

Jacket illustration by Ralph Thompson.

ReproJacket #2-A-1, size 221.5x507mm.