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The Last Battle, 1st edn 1956 (C S Lewis - Narnia)

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The Last Battle, 1st edn 1956 (C S Lewis - Narnia)The final title of the Narnia series was The Last Battle, published in 1956.

The 1st issue jacket is missing the Carnegie Medal text which was added from the 2nd printing onwards. Later issues adopted the Bodley Head's red and mauve phases in a similar manner to The Magician's Nephew. The jacket was redesigned entirely in 1972 to coincide with the Bles titles passing to the tender care of Collins and enjoying a 2nd edition. The Bodley Head pair themselves passed to Collins in 1986.

Jacket illustrations by Pauline Baynes.

ReproJacket #24-A-1, size 203.7x478mm.