Tyndall, Robert

Robert Tyndall took over from Eelco Martinus ten Harmsen van der Beek, illustrating Noddy books. In conjunction with Peter Wienk he illustrated Noddy and the Magic Rubber and Noddy Has an Adventure. He also collaborated with Robert Lee on Do Look Out, Noddy!, You're a Good Friend, Noddy! and Noddy and the Bumpy Dog. The subsequent five books in the series were illustrated by Tyndall alone - Noddy and the Bunkey, Cheer Up, Little Noddy!, Noddy Goes to the Fair, Mr. Plod and Little Noddy and Noddy and the Tootles.

London-born Tyndall studied at the prestigious Harrow School of Art. From there he joined the merchant navy and returned to London in 1950.
Do Look Out, Noddy!, 1st edn c1965 (reprint) (Enid Blyton)First published in 1957, here is a reprint of the jacket produced sometime between 1964 and 1966 judging by the listing of all 24 titles and the absence of an SBN.

Jacket illustrations by Robert Lee & Robert Tyndall.

ReproJacket #252-c1965-1, size 190.7x453mm.