Turner, W J

Walter James Redfern Turner (13 October 1889 18 November 1946) was an Australian-born, English-domiciled writer and critic.

He will perhaps be best remembered for editing the formidable Britain in Pictures series published by Collins during the 1940s, while he was Literary Editor of The Spectator magazine.
The Englishman's Country, 1st edn 1945 (W J Turner ed.)This title is one of a series named Britain in Pictures published shortly after the Second World War. From the back flap of this jacket:

The most distinguished writers of today have contributed to this famous series which now includes nearly a hundred titles and describes almost every important aspect of British life and achievement. Text and illustrations are of equal importance, and each volume is illustrated with eight to twelve full-page colour plates and a large number of monochrome reproductions.

ReproJacket #36-A-1, size 229.2x522mm.