Tisdall, Hans

Hans Tisdall (1910 1997) was a polymath, a prolific and versatile artist and designer. Born Hans John Knox Aufseeser in Munich, he studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Art in 1928 and was then apprenticed to the sculptor Moisey Keegan. He moved to London in 1930 and had a studio next door to Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. Here he produced a body of distinctive 50s textiles and fabrics and is known as much for his book jackets, font work and illustrations as his sculptural output and lecturing at the Central School of Art and Crafts in London from 1947 to 1975.

Skilled in brush lettering, he designed a number of book jackets for Jonathan Cape. Typically, Tisdall's jackets feature strong calligraphic lettering and sharply drawn colour separations.
The Old Man and the Sea, 1st UK edition 1952 (Ernest Hemingway)Jacket illustration by Hans Tisdall.

Hemingway insisted on Tisdall for his British editions; the latter was given complete freedom in the design.

ReproJacket #141-A-1, size 197x443mm.
The Old Man and the Sea, 1st UK edn 1969 (33rd printing) (Ernest Hemingway)By now the book height has shrunk by 5mm. and the artwork rendering has suffered a little on the back flap with some of the light blue/grey colouring being almost lost.

Jacket illustration by Hans Tisdall.

ReproJacket #141-g-1, size 192.4x449mm.