Shepard, Mary

Mary Shepard (December 25, 1909 - September 4, 2000) was best known for her illustrations of P. L. Travers' Mary Poppins.

She was the daughter of E. H. Shepard, also an illustrator of children's literature including the works of A. A. Milne and Kenneth Grahame.

The 'croquet girl' drawing by her father was published in Punch on 17th June 1931 when Mary was 21, and she was very probably the model for it.  Her drawings for Mary Poppins would have been made not long afterwards.
Mary Poppins, 1st UK edition 1935 (2nd printing) (P L Travers)The book was first published in 1934 by Gerald Howe in London and later the same year by Reynal & Hitchcock in the US. The UK edition passed to Lovat Dickson and was reprinted in 1935.

Note that gilt was used on this jacket, the earliest example in the ReproJacket repository to date.

Illustrations by Mary Shepard, daughter of E H Shepard.

ReproJacket #223-B-1, size 192.6x456mm
Mary Poppins, 1st US edn 1940 (13th printing) (P L Travers)Jacket illustration by Mary Shepard.

ReproJacket #224-M-1, size 193.4x483mm