Sapper (Herman McNeile)

"Sapper" was the author of several series of thrillers in the early period of the 20th century. His best-loved character was Bull-Dog Drummond, whom Ian Fleming counted as a progenitor of James Bond. The character was introduced in the eponymous Bull-Dog Drummond in 1920, and the series was continued until the author, Herman Cyril McNeile, died in 1937. Further titles were added by Gerard Fairlie, upon whom the character was said to have been based, up to 1954.
The Return of Bull-Dog Drummond, 1st edition 1937 (8th printing) ("Sapper")The seventh title in the Bull-Dog Drummond series, first published in 1932.

ReproJacket #169-H-1, size 181x425mm.