Rolt, L T C

Lionel Thomas Caswall Rolt (usually abbreviated to Tom Rolt or L. T. C. Rolt) (11 February 1910 9 May 1974[1][2]) was a prolific English writer and the biographer of major civil engineering figures including Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Thomas Telford. He is also regarded as one of the pioneers of the leisure cruising industry on Britain's inland waterways, and as an enthusiast for both vintage cars and heritage railways.
Narrow Boat, 1st edn 1944 (L T C Rolt)Lionel ('Tom') Rolt was an engineer by training and an author by profession. His passions were cars, canals and steam locomotives, and his biography of Isambard Kingdom Brunel is still well regarded.

One of his early books was Narrow Boat, his story of a journey undertaken through the Midlands navigations on his steam-boat Cressy.

The jacket illustration is from a painting by Herbert Tooley, one of the craftsmen who were still decorating canal boats in the traditional manner at the date of publication.

ReproJacket #174-A-1, size 221.5x506mm.