Morgan, Charles

Charles Langbridge Morgan (22 January 1894 6 February 1958), was an English-born playwright and novelist of English and Welsh parentage. The main themes of his work were, as he himself put it, "Art, Love, and Death"[1], and the relation between them. Themes of individual novels range from the paradoxes of freedom (The Voyage, The River Line), through passionate love seen from within (Portrait in a Mirror) and without (A Breeze of Morning), to the conflict of good and evil (The Judge's Story) and the enchanted boundary of death (Sparkenbroke).
The Voyage, 1st edn 1950 (7th printing) (Charles Morgan)The Voyage is a story warm with Charles Morgan's love of France. Set in the Charente country and the Paris music-halls of the 1930s, The Voyage tells of the travails of one man's quest for love: love for a woman, and love for France. First published in 1940, it is widely regarded as Morgan's finest work and won the James Tait Black memorial prize in that year.

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