Marsh, Ngaio

Dame Ngaio Marsh (1895-1982) was best known for a series of well-written and entertaining crime stories, featuring the high-ranking British policeman Roderick Alleyn.
Black As He's Painted, 1st edn 1974 (Ngaio Marsh)Note: This jacket is price-clipped.

ReproJacket #120-A-1, size 214.3x485mm.
Clutch of Constables, 1st edn 1968 (Ngaio Marsh)A highly-regarded theatrical whodunnit featuring Inspector Alleyn and his wife Troy.

Jacket design by Kenneth Farnhill.

ReproJacket #129-A-1, size 200.2x496mm.
Opening Night, 1st edn 1951 (Ngaio Marsh)A very dramatic, and sadly uncredited, jacket design

ReproJacket #393-A-1, size 193.9x431mm.