Jansson, Tove

Tove Jannson, writer and illustrator, born August 9 1914; died June 27 2001.

She was born into an unusual background in the Finnish capital, Helsinki. She belonged to the country's Swedish-speaking minority, and her parents were both artists; her mother was the Swedish illustrator, Signe Hammersten Jansson, who illustrated the radical, anti-German magazine, Garm; her father was the sculptor Victor Jansson. Tove was the first of three children, and her brothers, Per Olov and Lars, became artists. Indeed, Per Olov took over the Moomin cartoon strip when Tove gave up in the 1970s.
Finn Family Moomintroll, 1st UK edn 1975 (6th printing) (Tove Jansson)Finn Family Moomintroll...

Jacket illustration by the author

ReproJacket #314-F-1, size 216.8x485mm.