Hoskins, William George (Prof)

William George Hoskins CBE FSA (22 May 1908 11 January 1992) was a British local historian who founded the first university department of English Local History. His great contribution to the study of history was in the field of landscape history. Hoskins demonstrated the profound impact of human activity on the evolution of the English landscape in a pioneering book: The Making of the English Landscape. His work has had lasting influence in the fields of local & landscape history and historical & environmental conservation.
The Making of the English Landscape, 1st edn 1955 (W G Hoskins)Published in 1955 as the introductory volume of a series with the same title.

The jacket photo is of Mow Cop and the Cheshire Plain, by G. Douglas Bolton.  Titling uses the Albertus font, designed in the 1930s.

ReproJacket #327-A-1, size 226x533mm.