Gibb, Jocelyn

Jocelyn "Jock" Easton Gibb (1907-79) worked for two book publishers, Methuen and Geoffrey Bles, and in 1954, when Bles retired, Jock became the managing director. His relationship, first with C.S. Lewis until 1963, and then with Warren Lewis until 1973, and with Walter Hooper and other estate trustees until 1974, played an important, but behind-the-scenes role in the total production, promotion, distribution and sale of millions of Lewis's books.

In 1965 he edited, with a preface, a book of essays, Light on C.S. Lewis, about Lewis as viewed by his friends. Gibbs hoped that it would be "something of a prologue to The Letters of C.S. Lewis" (Light, viii). In 1971 he contributed an article on C.S. Lewis to the Encyclopedia Britannica, calling Lewis "a bold and doughty conversationalist, ... a varied man of letters whose real intellectual brilliance might well take years of study to appreciate fully." (EB, Vol. 13, 1008)
Light on Lewis, 1st edn 1965 (Jocelyn Gibb, ed)Jocelyn Gibb was an editor at the publisher Geoffrey Bles, working closely with the author C S Lewis. Shortly after Lewis's death, Gibb assembled this set of reminiscences and comments on various aspects of the author.

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