Farries, Kenneth G

Kenneth G Farries co-authored a comprehensive reference book about the windmills of Surrey and Inner London, and then created an authoritative series describing the history of Essex windmills, millers and millwrights. His day job was as a schoolmaster at a Surrey grammar school.
Essex Windmills, Millers & Millwrights Vol I 1st edn 1981 (Kenneth G Farries)During the 1980s, retired schoolmaster Ken Farries gave us a set of volumes describing the windmills of Essex aimed at both the enthusiast and lay reader. Here we have Volume I, An Historical Review published in 1981.

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Essex Windmills, Millers & Millwrights Vol II, 1st edn 1982 (Kenneth G Farries)The second of this set of volumes on Essex Windmillery was published just a year after the first, and is subtitled A Technical Review. The remaining volumes would contain information about individual mills, alphabetically by parish.

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Essex Windmills, Millers & Millwrights Vol III, 1st edn 1984 (Kenneth G Farries)This set was originally intended to contain four volumes, the last two covering windmills in Essex parishes A-K and L-Z. During the preparation of this third volume, however, it became clear that the amount of material was going to require a fifth volume; hence this third one covers parishes A-E and the descriptive material on the back panel was hastily adjusted accordingly.

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Essex Windmills, Millers & Millwrights Vol IV, 1st edn 1985 (Kenneth G Farries)The fourth volume of this series covers Essex parishes F-R; it was published in 1985 and is by far the scarcest of the series for some strange reason.

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Essex Windmills, Millers & Millwrights Vol V, 1st edn 1988 (Kenneth G Farries)The last volume of this set, covering the windmills of Essex parishes S to Z, was published in 1988. Sadly, the author suffered a fatal heart attack before he was able to handle it and place it on his shelf. It completes a great work which will keep his name on the lips of windmilliners for generations.

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The Windmills of Surrey & Inner London, 1st edn 1966 (Kenneth Farries & Martin Mason)By day Ken Farries was a well-respected geography master and chess guru at a Surrey grammar school; but in his spare time he haunted the heaths and highways of Surrey and Essex as SuperWindmillMan, taking photographs and collecting oral histories from hoary old millers.

Here is his first windmill work, a study with Martin Mason of the windmills of Surrey and Inner London published by Charles Skilton, London, in 1966. It was to be followed by a series on the windmills of Essex.

The work is now notable for a major omission, that of the (uniquely surviving) smock sawmill on a private estate at Buckland (not the better-known Buckland-cum-Hobbiton). It was discovered by its owners in 1995, several years after Farries had died. Ironically, Buckland is hardly more than a stone's throw from the school where the author taught for many years.

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