Elias, Gertrude

Gertrude Elias (5 Nov 1913 Vienna - 28 Oct 1998 Hampstead) was an Austrian illustrator who emigrated to England before WWII. She is said to have proposed the idea for Animal Farm to George Orwell.
Out of the Silent Planet, 1st edn 1951 (6th printing) (C S Lewis)Here we have the sixth impression from 1951.  The jacket is identified as the 6th impression on the front flap, although the printing history within the book lists this as the fifth printing. However the list omits the 1945 printing so the jacket is correct and we have reserialized this ReproJacket accordingly. The first issue jacket had a different design, by Harold Jones.

Jacket illustration by Elias.

ReproJacket #206-F-1, size 189.9x451mm.