Drummond, V H

Violet Hilda Drummond (30 July 1911 - 7 February 2000), a descendant of the banking Drummonds, won the Kate Greenaway Medal for her illustrations to Mrs Easter and the Stalks in 1957. Violet was born in London in 1911. When the First World War began her father rejoined his regiment, the Scots Guards, and was killed in Ypres in 1914. Soon after the war she went with her mother and two sisters to live in a tall house in a London square. After her governess left, she went to a small private boarding school in Eastbourne and later to a finishing school in Paris, Le Chateau Vitry-sur-Seine. She was presented at court to Queen Mary. She lived in India and studied briefly at St Martin's School of Art. She started to write children's books after marrying, when she returned to live in London. Later she wrote 'I got tired of writing children's books so I took up painting watercolour pictures of London street scenes' which she exhibited in a London gallery. She died in 2000.
Carbonel, 1st edn 1955 (Barbara Sleigh)This was the first book about Carbonel, King of Cats, published by Max Parrish in 1955 and illustrated by V H Drummond. This is an extremely scarce book, as are all three of the Carbonel 1st editions. There was a second impression in 1955 which made no changes to the jacket.

Jacket illustration by V H Drummond.

Note: This jacket is supplied with the very scarce original promotional jacket band shown on the large jacket image.

ReproJacket #65-A-1, size 190.1x463mm
Carbonel, 1st edn 1964 (6th printing) (Barbara Sleigh)Jacket design by V H Drummond.

ReproJacket #65-F-1, size 190x450mm.
Carbonel, 1st edn 1967 (8th printing) (Barbara Sleigh)Jacket design by V H Drummond.

ReproJacket #65-H-1, size 190x450mm.
I'll Never Be Asked Again, 1st edn 1979 (V H Drummond)An amusing commentary on the escapades of a gun-dog on a Scottish shoot.

Jacket illustration by the author.

ReproJacket #330-A-1, size 203.4x414mm.