Cox, E A

Elijah Albert Cox, born 1876 in Islington, London, died 1955, was a mural painter and poster artist. His posters included work for railway and shipping companies and the Empire marketing Board. He also illustrated a number of books including The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám. Cox exhibited widely including at the Royal Academy and Society of Graphic Artists, and was elected to the RBA in 1915 and the RI in 1921. His work can be found in public galleries in Bristol, Canterbury and Preston.
Our Fellow Men, 1st edn 1936 (2nd printing) (H V Morton)First published in 1936 following serialisation in the Daily Herald, this is an account of the working lives of several Londoners, shortly before the Second World War.

Jacket illustration by E A Cox.

ReproJacket #413-B-1, size 182.0x461mm.