Bradley, A G & Palmer, S

The Wye, 1st edn 1910 (Bradley & Palmer)The London publisher Adam & Charles Black published several series of high-quality and expensive guide books in the early part of the 20thC, and one of their most enduring titles was The Wye by A. G. Bradley, illustrated by Sutton Palmer. First published in 1910, it was reprinted with occasional new editions over the succeeding decades. The text is flowery and abstruse to the modern taste, perhaps, but its qualities endure.

This first edition has a most attractive Art Nouveau design to the front board and spine, incorporating a gilt motif. This has been reproduced in the Esprit ReproJacket, which adds an example of Palmer's artistic contribution and a contemporary review. This book is still widely available at a ridiculously low price, so why not buy one and wrap it?

ReproJacket #21-A-1 Esprit, size 224.9x563mm.