Baynes, Pauline

Pauline Diana Baynes (1922-2008) is probably best known for her illustrations of works by the Oxford 'Inklings' Tolkien and Lewis. Her first book illustrations were for titles in the Perry Colour Book series in wartime when they were being produced from Farnham Castle, Surrey, and for some of these she worked with her sister Angela.

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A Dictionary of Chivalry, 1st edn 1968 (Grant Uden)A comprehensive dictionary describing the world of chivalry. This book was illustrated by Pauline Baynes, who regarded it as her best work.

Jacket illustration by Pauline Baynes.

ReproJacket #377-A-1, size 241.2x559mm.
Clover Magic, 1st edn 1944 (Victoria Stevenson)This book was an early illustrating commission obtained by the young Pauline Baynes, who was soon to be discovered by Tolkien and recommended to his friend C S Lewis for his Narnia series.

Jacket illustration by Pauline D. Baynes.

ReproJacket #244-A-1, size 219.7x502mm.
Farmer Giles of Ham, 1st edn 1970 (7th printing) (J R R Tolkien)The book which emerged between the author's most famous works, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Note that the latter work is misspelt on the back panel.

Jacket illustration by Pauline Diana Baynes.

ReproJacket #369-G-1, size 202.4x504mm.
Magic Footstool, 1st edn 1946 (Victoria Stevenson)This was a follow-up to the author's Clover Magic published by Country Life in 1944 and also illustrated by Pauline Baynes (this time without her middle initial). A third book, Magic Broom, was published in 1950.

Jacket illustration by Pauline Baynes.

ReproJacket #372-A-1, size 213.6x508mm.
Prince Caspian, 1st edn 1951 (C S Lewis - Narnia)Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia was the second title to be published, in 1951 -- a sequel to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe from the previous year. The jacket is of an unusually deep blue in its first issue, gaining a smidgeon of purple in later printings (together, unfortunately, with some sloppy colour registration).

Jacket illustrations by Pauline Baynes.

ReproJacket #22-A-1, size 202.3x479mm.
Prince Caspian, 1st edn 1957 (2nd printing) (C S Lewis - Narnia)Jacket illustrations by Pauline Baynes.

ReproJacket #22-B-1, size 201.3x487mm.