1 The Children of Green Knowe

The first title in the Green Knowe series
The Children of Green Knowe, 1st edn 1956 (2nd printing) (Lucy M Boston)This book, published by Faber & Faber in 1954, introduces the series which describes the experiences of children at Green Knowe, a fictional version of the author's own home at Hemingford Grey, Huntingdonshire, where the past and present interweave.

Jacket design by Peter Boston, the author's son.

ReproJacket #103-B-1, size 207.4x490mm.
The Children of Green Knowe, 1st edn 1975 (8th printing) (Lucy M Boston)By 1975 the book and jacket have shrunk a little, and the dark olive green of the jacket has lightened considerably.

Jacket design by Peter Boston.

ReproJacket #103-H-1, size 204x461mm.