5 Worzel Gummidge Takes a Holiday

Worzel Gummidge Takes a Holiday, 1st edn 1949 (Barbara Euphan Todd)The third title, More About Worzel Gummidge, had to wait until 1951 for its new edition, but Hollis and Carter first published a fifth title, Worzel Gummidge Takes a Holiday, in 1949. This has a very simple jacket, the front panel artwork being taken from its frontispiece, and - unusually for the time - being presented on a gloss paper. The strangest thing about this title, however, is that it was never republished, either in hardback or in softback form; indeed, this first edition never even got a reprinting. So it's a very scarce title, especially in a jacket.

Jacket illustration by Will Nickless.

ReproJacket #68-A-1, size 191.3x435mm.