3 Peter Duck

Peter Duck, 1st edn 1932 (Arthur Ransome)An elegant blue sets off the illustrations well in this jacket. It was the first of the series which was Ransome-illustrated from the outset, in 1932.  These early jackets, first by Clifford Webb and then the author, left a border around the artwork;  full bleed artwork was soon to be introduced for the whole series.

ReproJacket #87-A-1, size 205.3x509mm.
Peter Duck, 1st edn 1935 (5th printing) (Arthur Ransome)Here is the 5th printing from 1935.

This jacket appears to be identical to the one which graced the previous impression issued in December 1932.

ReproJacket #87-E-1, size 204.3x513mm.
Peter Duck, 1st edn 1967 (27th printing) (Arthur Ransome)The artwork has been brought into line with that of the other titles by now.

This is the 27th impression of the first edition, straining the ReproJacket serial numbering system a little and requiring us to restart the alphabet with lowercase letters!

ReproJacket #87-a-1, size 201.9x480mm.