2 Worzel Gummidge Again

Worzel Gummidge Again, 1st edn 1937 (Barbara Euphan Todd)The second book of stories about Worzel Gummidge was published in 1937 by Burns, Oates & Washbourne. This edition was not reprinted.

This jacket has Laurel & Hardy flaps, one fat and the other thin.

Jacket illustration by Elisabeth Alldridge.

ReproJacket #142-A-1, size 190.7x457mm.
Worzel Gummidge Again, 2nd edn 1946 (Barbara Euphan Todd)Here we have the ReproJacket for the 2nd edition published by Hollis & Carter in 1946.

An interesting point is that the back panel mentions a Worzel title which had not yet been published, Worzel Gummidge and the Saucy Nancy; when it appeared the following year the definite article was dropped.

Jacket illustration by Will Nickless.

ReproJacket #90-A-1, size 188.7x444mm.
Worzel Gummidge Again, 3rd edn 1959 (Barbara Euphan Todd)This new edition retains the internal illustrations by Will Nickless carried over from the Hollis & Carter 2nd edition of 1946, but with a new dustjacket by Jill Crockford.

Jacket illustration by Jill Crockford.

ReproJacket #152-A-1, size 187.9x485mm.
Worzel Gummidge Again, 3rd edn 1963 (2nd printing) (Barbara Euphan Todd)The height has shrunk by 1mm and the flaps are narrower; the back panel content is extended and is now in a sans serif typeface.

The author's quote about attending agricultural shows to judge scarecrow competitions has been subtly amended: A few years ago has become Some time ago.

Jacket illustration by Jill Crockford.

ReproJacket #152-B-1, size 186.9x471mm.