1 Swallows and Amazons

Swallows and Amazons, 1st edn 1930 (Arthur Ransome)This title was first published in 1930 with jacket, title page vignette, a map of Wild Cat Island and endpaper map by Steven Spurrier (misspelt as Stephen), whose other illustrations Ransome disliked so much that he asked the publisher, Jonathan Cape, to omit them.

Jacket illustration by Steven Spurrier.

ReproJacket #432-A-1, size 205.7x461mm.
Swallows and Amazons, 2nd edn Dec 1937 (12th printing) (Arthur Ransome)A second edition with illustrations by Clifford Webb appeared the year following first publication and was reprinted eleven times up to December 1937. This ReproJacket is for the final printing of this edition.

Note that this ReproJacket is offered also in a Novo version. Novo versions offer a better-than-the-original state of the jacket, by correcting problems and errors in the original jackets. In the case of the Swallows and Amazons series the illustrations which are contained within the jacket design are mostly reduced from the drawings within the books; the mechanical reduction process has degraded them, and on each printing the plates have become more worn. The Novo ReproJackets replace these drawings with the originals from early impressions of the books, allowing them to appear as the artist would surely have intended.

Note: This jacket is price-clipped.

ReproJacket #132-L-1, size 205.3x513mm.
Swallows and Amazons, 4th edn 1964 (4th printing) (Arthur Ransome)Ransome had illustrated the succeeding titles from Peter Duck onwards, and these had been greatly appreciated by readers. Finally in November 1938 Cape replaced the remaining Webb illustrations with Ransome's in a 3rd edition; the drawings were at first credited to one of his principal characters Nancy Blackett. A 4th edition, largely unchanged but with new typesetting, was published in August 1958.

The jacket listed here is from the 1964 4th printing; it was later felt that there were too many dark drawings, and one was replaced by a lighter alternative. Otherwise, this design has with very minor alterations survived for decades.

Incidentally, it seems that the designer of these jackets is unknown. I tentatively suggest that he may have been Clive Gardiner (1891-1960) whose work "White City, Harringay Park" (1927) for the London Underground included elements very similar to the coloured segments which separated first Webb's and then Ransome's drawings.

ReproJacket #25-D-1, size 202.3x480mm.