Christie, Agatha

The Queen of Crime needs no introduction to book lovers. Her first editions are amongst the most collectable and the early titles very expensive.
4.50 From Paddington, 1st edition 1957 (Agatha Christie)Another abstract jacket from the late '50s, with uncredited artwork.

ReproJacket #130-A-1, size 188.1x430mm.
A Caribbean Mystery, 1st edn 1964 (Agatha Christie)ReproJacket #347-A-1, size 188.7x431mm.
A Pocket Full of Rye, 1st edition 1953 (Agatha Christie)ReproJacket #402-A-1, size 188.4x431mm.
Cat Among the Pigeons, 1st edition 1959 (Agatha Christie)A striking, uncredited, example of the abstract jacket designs from the late 1950s and early 60s. Published by the Collins Crime Club, this was her 61st crime novel.

ReproJacket #125-A-1, size 189.2x432mm.
Mrs McGinty's Dead, 1st edition 1952 (Agatha Christie)This title was filmed as Murder Most Foul and given to Margaret Rutherford's Miss Marple.

Jacket illustration by Kenneth Farnhill.

ReproJacket #398-A-1, size 190.0x424mm.
Murder in the Mews, 1st edition 1937 (Odhams) (Agatha Christie)This title was first published by Collins Crime Club in 1937, but they granted the reprint rights to Odhams in return for those of The Hound of Death which had been serialized by the latter.

Jacket illustration by Robin Halliday Macartney.

ReproJacket #295-A-1, size 189.1x454mm.