Ransome, Arthur

The author of Swallows and Amazons and its eleven successor titles in the famous children's series from the 1930s would be pleased to learn that they've never been out of print. Yes, they are redolent of a middle-class England which now seems rather distant, but they contain so much practical detail on sailing, camping and outdoor living that they are likely to survive just a little longer!

None of these Jonathan Cape jackets uses spine-pricing, interestingly; compare the Cape editions of the Doctor Dolittle titles by Hugh Lofting, which pass through a spine-priced phase.

Ransome's Old Peter's Russian Tales in its original 1916 edition has an Esprit ReproJacket.

Other Books by Arthur Ransome

Other Books by Arthur RansomeThis is a fascinating image from the Brotherton Collection at Leeds University, date unknown but labelled Arthur Ransome + Tabitha "Dancing in the Lane".