Austen, Jane

Pride & Prejudice, 1894 Allen edn (Jane Austen)This is the famous and sought-after Peacock edition of Jane Austen's best-known work, illustrated by Hugh Thomson with a preface by George Saintsbury. It was first published by George Allen in London in 1894.

The Esprit jacket for this work reproduces the dark blue-green gilt front board and spine; the flaps contain an 1871 image generally considered to represent the author, together with the review by the British Critic periodical dated February 1813, which followed the first publication of the work.

ReproJacket #26-A-2 Esprit, size 185.8x447mm.
Pride and Prejudice, 2005 Dover edn (Jane Austen)This ReproJacket is a variation of the one designed for the 1894 'Peacock edition' from George Allen, illustrated by Hugh Thomson. Dover Publications brought out an edition of this work in 2005 in a larger size without the fabulous peacock board design, and this Esprit ReproJacket has been resized to fit it.

ReproJacket #140-A-2 Esprit, size 221.9x510mm.