6 Mr Twink & the Pirates

Mr Twink and the Pirates, 1959 (Freda Hurt)There's another dangerous situation for the animals in the village, as a nautical monkey encourages them to leave the village for foreign climes. But Sergeant Boffer and Mr Twink ensure that common sense prevails at the last minute.

Jacket illustrations by Nina Scott Langley.

ReproJacket #15-A-1, size 190.2x427mm.
Mr Twink and the Pirates, US edn 1959 (Freda Hurt)
US edition?? Well, it seems that Epworth Press thought that Mr Twink might go down well in America, so they produced some review copies to be test-marketed by Roy Publishers of New York. No textual changes were made, and a pet named Nigger retained that unfortunate appellation, so the project was somewhat ill-conceived. Whether or not any copies made it to the readers of America is not known.

Jacket illustrations by Nina Scott Langley, of course.

ReproJacket #162-A-1, size 190.2x428mm.