Johns, W E

This section includes the Biggles books written by Captain W E Johns. It will also include his other books concerning 'Gimlet' and 'Worrals'.

The Biggles books were written over a period of many years by Captain W E Johns, who served in the Royal Air Force in both world wars. Johns used various publishers for his books, and they were published in differing styles.
Another Job for Biggles, 1st edn 1951 (Capt W E Johns)This jacket is for the first edition of Another Job for Biggles, published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1951.

ReproJacket #47-A-1, size 190.5x428mm.
Biggles Air Detective, New edn 1967 (Capt W E Johns)This ReproJacket is for a new edition by Deans in 1967. It's a well-executed illustration presented in vibrant colours. The jacket was designed without a price, rather unusually. Thanks to Ian Nouwens, the Biggles bibliographer from New Zealand, for his invaluable information on this item.

ReproJacket #85-A-1, size 190.5x431mm.
Biggles and the Poor Rich Boy, 1st edn 1961 (Capt W E Johns)This jacket is for the first printing in 1961.

ReproJacket #84-A-1, size 189.6x438mm.
Biggles Breaks the Silence, 1st edn 1949 Capt W E Johns)Biggles flies off to the Antarctic on the trail of bullion thieves.

ReproJacket #92-A-1, size 191x456mm.
Biggles Breaks the Silence, 1st edn 1955 (4th printing) (Capt W E Johns)The Biggles books are now officially numbered and Hodders have a distribution deal for them all.

ReproJacket #92-D-1, size 189.7x453mm.
Biggles Gets His Men, 1st edn 1950 (Capt W E Johns)Biggles Gets His Men was first published in 1950 by Hodder & Stoughton, in a striking jacket!

Jacket illustration by Leslie Stead.

ReproJacket #8-A-1, size 190.8x457mm.